Antminer S21 PRO 234 TH/s

Antminer S21 PRO 234 TH/s
Setup Duration 14 Days

Hardware Details

  • Energy Consumption: 3510 W
  • Algorithm: SHA256
  • Condition: New

Hosting at ECOS Data Center

Shipping and TAX
Set up and launch
24/7 Maintenance and Security
Order Details Setup Duration 14 Days
1*ASIC price $6 150
1*Hosting fee
1*Installation package
Total price $6 150

Antminer S21  PRO 234 TH/s by Bitmain is a SHA256 ASIC miner that will be  released in July, 2024. This mining machine has a maximum hashrate of 234 TH/s for a power consumption of 3510 watts, and is a popular choice for BTC miners.

Superior Performance:  The S21 PRO 234 TH/s boasts an incredible hash rate of 234 Terahashes per second (TH/s), significantly outperforming other models in the S21 series. This high hash rate ensures faster and more efficient mining, leading to higher profitability.

Energy Efficiency: Equipped with the latest technology, this ASIC offers an improved power efficiency compared to its predecessors. This means you can achieve greater mining output with lower electricity costs, maximizing your ROI.


  • Hash rate: 234 TH/s
  • Consumed power: 3510 Watts
  • Power efficiency: 15,38 J/TH
  • Hash algorithm: SHA-256
  • Connection: Ethernet
  • Size: 450 x 219 x 293mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 40 °С

ECOS offers direct delivery of ASICs from trusted suppliers in China. We handle everything from shipping and customs clearance to setup and deployment at our Data Center. Upon arrival, we inspect and test each unit, place it in a specialized container equipped with advanced cooling system, connect it to a 220V power supply and LAN, set up monitoring, and link it to the mining pool. All necessary consumables, including cables, are included in the price.

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